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2016 A Year of Change For Telecom billing

16th November 2016  by Gareth

We work in a dynamic industry where the only constant is change. Telecom Billing services and applications used for CDR analysis continue to evolve as the communications landscape continues to change.

A prevalent trend during the last year has been the move from onsite solutions to cloud hosted and web based solutions. Union Street has offered hosting services for our telecoms billing solutions for five years now but, during the last twelve months, demand for this facility has reached critical mass. We now host our award winning billing platform, aBILLity, for over 50 percent of our total partner base with the majority of our new partners choosing to host aBILLity in our cloud environment rather than on their own hardware, and many more existing partners switching to us each month.

Because of this demand and our desire to offer a more attractive service that ensures scalability, we recently deployed a new hosted platform. Powered by Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud, the new platform offers many benefits to our partners such as market leading standards for data security and availability.

Azure’s flexible network architecture allows us to monitor and scale up resources effortlessly meaning no matter how many partners choose to use our hosting services, we can be certain that they will have access to all the compute resources they might need to keep aBILLity operating at optimal performance.

Integration continues to be a big driving force behind the development of billing and provisioning solutions. The productivity and efficiency benefits available to companies that successfully integrate business support systems (BSS) and operational support systems (OSS) cannot be overstated.

Union Street has recently developed and introduced representational state transfer (REST) APIs that allow third parties to integrate with our billing system more easily. On top of this we continue to provide out of the box integrations for aBILLity with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage and Creditsafe.

Change over the last 12 months has not just been driven by technology.

In an effort to limit the impact of certain tax avoidance schemes, on February 1st, the Government released new legislation requiring vendors of wholesale communication services to apply a reverse VAT structure. Such a change in legislation naturally presented a significant challenge to many of our reseller partners.

In order to assist them in complying with the new legislation, Union Street consulted with our partners and updated aBILLity with new invoicing features accordingly. These included the functionality to make customers identified as resellers applicable for the reverse charge, to identify charges which qualify for reverse charge VAT and to calculate and display reverse charge VAT amounts on invoices, separate from regular VAT amounts and invoice totals.

The telecom billing and provisioning sector, due to its nature, continues to evolve and Union Street remain at the forefront of these changes, offering our partners solutions to ensure a smooth implementation of any new innovations or legislative revisions.

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