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aBILLity CreditCheck Module

13th August 2015  by Gareth

With the telecoms industry providing an on-going service to clients, it’s vital that resellers are able to ensure a client’s financial stability and have the facility to protect cash flows.

Union Street has teamed up with Creditsafe, one of the UK’s top CreditChecking companies, to integrate such a facility into our aBILLity billing platform.

Creditsafe hold the most up to date and comprehensive information available, they are endorsed by all major credit insurers, and their scoring model predicts almost 70% of all insolvencies up to 12 months in advance. This made selecting Creditsafe as our chosen credit information supplier an easy choice for Union Street.

The aBILLity CreditCheck module presents itself in a clear, easy to read traffic light system. This allows resellers to instantly assess a client’s credit worthiness at a glance when browsing customer lists in aBILLity. Also, a Credit Level column can be enabled in this screen, giving a more detailed view of the numeric credit score.

The score thresholds of each traffic light level may be defined by the reseller; giving full flexibility over what you consider to be a safe credit score.

A more detailed view of credit information may be seen in the Company preferences screen. Here resellers can review the company reference, credit score, description, and time of last update.

Credit Score information for the entire customer base may be automatically monitored for changes on a 24 hour basis, and there is also the option to perform an on-demand update from this screen.

Should a change in score be identified, an email notification can be configured to alert the account manager, agent, or in fact any custom email address.

There’s even the facility to load a copy of the credit report, showing full credit history, financial summary and director information.

The CreditCheck solution not only allows a reseller to monitor their existing customer base, but is perhaps at its most powerful when bringing on new business. Giving billing platform users access to credit checking facilities ensures that new prospects can be vetted as they are added to the system. The simple to use interface opens this facility up to any member of staff with access to aBILLity, and no longer just your financial department.

We’ve also allowed this process to harness other company data held by Creditsafe, such as registered company address and director contact information. This data can then be automatically populated into aBILLity.

For those that manage their business processes in Dynamics CRM, this functionality has also been made available in Union Street’s CRM solution. This boasts all the same features as in aBILLity and is available as part of the aBILLity integration or as a stand-alone CRM solution.

Overall, the CreditCheck module offers powerful business information in a low-maintenance, easy to use package on a platform in which your billing team will already be familiar with.


Authored by Tony Cook, Managing Director for Union Street

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