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Should Integration be a Consideration For Telecoms Billing?

16th August 2019  by Gareth

The productivity and accuracy benefits that can be unlocked by effectively integrating back office systems, including telecom billing and provisioning solutions, cannot be overstated. CPs generally have multiple teams working within their company that might need to access or update data held in the billing system. These teams may include sales, customer services, accounting, technical support and provisioning to name but a few. Each team may well be using their own systems to manage their particular area of operations.

Most CPs are quite savvy to the efficiency benefits that can be achieved by integrating these various systems and, as such, the demand for billing integration with other back office solutions is growing. Almost every implementation of aBILLity in the coming years is likely to involve some level of integration. This will vary from simple opportunities for export and import routines, all the way through to fully API-driven services.

Because of the differences in the way CPs operate, it’s inevitable that billing integration requirements will differ greatly from one company to the next. With this in mind, we’ve put a lot of focus in recent years into developing amazing APIs that can be used by our partners and third-party systems integrators, to develop integrations according to their exact requirements. This freedom empowers our partners to integrate aBILLity with systems of their choosing to any degree that works for them. Our APIs are backed by comprehensive resources, including documentation, sandbox environments and support, that will assist CPs and third-party integrators in developing integrations effectively.

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