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Beyond Billing, Where Are Billing Solutions Adding Most Value?

29th January 2018  by Gareth

Revenue Assurance | Forecasting | Profit Centre

Revenue assurance, forecasting and reporting are areas where the billing platform should add value. With a robust telecom billing system, CPs should be able to identify areas of lost revenue, maintain a tight control on costs and ultimately build a complete picture of profitability across all products and services.

Within our billing platform, aBILLity, full management reporting is available enabling our CP partners to examine all aspects of revenue and corresponding margin, by company, by carrier, by destination and so on. There is also a powerful ‘What If’ rate modelling tool even which allows them to create new tariffs and measure what effect they will have on margin and profitability, maintaining revenue assurance.

Another example of this type of functionality is carrier reconciliation reporting. This allows CPs to coordinate their outward billing to that which is being billed to them by their carrier thus ensuring that no services are missed.

In aBILLity we provide a Carrier Watch feature which enables our CP partners to simply compare their carrier buy rates against an agreed tariff and automatically flag up specific over-charged calls. New charges are easily identified and added, ensuring that all revenue is billed. Prices can also be regulated to guard against overcharging.

By harnessing information on which services are billed you can also analyse which ones are not. Account Managers are then able to explore possibilities for cross-selling new services in a highly targeted manner.

Fraud Management

Another area where the billing platform will add value is in guarding against fraud. Telecom fraud is an increasing problem and, whilst carriers offer protection against fraudulent activity, it’s still prudent for CPs to take precautions. Choosing a billing platform that has the ability to automatically detect and terminate a fraud occurrence early, can save a significant amount of money for a CP and/or end user.

For example, our aBILLity billing platform features the LineGuard module. This scrutinises CDRs and detects unusual calling patterns and charge rates in a customers account. If configured, LineGuard will automatically use aBILLity’s WLR3 interface to place a block on future calling to the suspect numbers, ending the fraud event and in turn reducing the cost of fraud.

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