Help your customers to help themselves

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  • Customer portal accessible 24/7
  • Be ahead of the competition with a new customer service tool 
  • Meet customer demands and expectations to self-serve

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Be one of the first to revolutionise self-service

Empower your customers to self-serve

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So you can reap the benefits, too.


Receive fewer inbound calls

Now your customers can help themselves

Time turning

Spend less time answering customers

And more time speaking to new ones


Be more competitive in the market

By adding something new to your portfolio

For the best customer service experience, at a lower cost of service for you.

Customers can self-serve, 24/7

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With Billnow, customers can access their bills at any time, making a self-service portal the most convenient option for both you and your customers.

Consequently, you'll receive fewer inbound calls and spend less time answering simple queries which your customers can now answer themselves. All adding up to additional time which can be spent on more important tasks.

global comms dashboard
global communications dashboard

Brand the portal as your own

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Add your logo and colours for an extension of your own brand and offer and additional service for your customers to stay competitive.

Catch your customers' attention and take advantage of the free advertising space to display key messages or new product offers whilst your customers are engaged.

More than just access to bills

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Go one step further and enable your customers to make simple line management actions

Your customers will be able to use their portal to perform SIM swaps themselves and check check associated networks and SIM numbers.

Call bars can also be easily set with a range of options, without having to contact you.

All of these features contribute to more satisfied customers, at a lower cost of service for you.