Empower your customers to self-serve

Accessible. Powerful. Invaluable.

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Enhance your customers' experience with 24/7 access to bills and essential mobile management.

Our customer self-service portal

Help your customers to help themselves.

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Anytime access to their data

Your customers can self-serve, 24/7

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With Billnow, customers can access their bills at any time, making a self-service portal the most convenient option for both you and your customers.

Your customers can view their bills and bill status, download pdfs and reports whenever they are needed, saving you time in managing now unnecessary emails and calls.

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A range of mobile self-serve options

More than just access to bills

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Your customers will be able to use their portal to perform SIM swaps, check associated networks and SIM numbers themselves.

Customers can also set bars with easy-to-use toggle on or off options to tailor to their own needs, without contacting you.

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Help yourself, too

Benefits for your customers, and you.

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Receive fewer inbound calls

Now customers are able to help themselves, you'll receive fewer calls, giving you more time to focus on complex customer care.

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Lower cost of service

By allowing customers to handle queries themselves, resources can be focused elsewhere.

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Meet new customer demand

Consumers are increasingly expecting portals to be able to self-serve and access their information on demand.

Be more competitive

Gain an edge over your competitors by offering your customers an exciting new product and win more business.

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Sell more products

Use the additional space to advertise new products to your customers while they are engaged, as a new marketing channel.

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More satisfied customers

Easy access at any time to their latest information and being able to solve their own questions leads to happy customers.