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Can CDR software provide useful data and management information?

15th December 2016  by Gareth

Can call detail record (CDR) software provide useful data and management information beyond the actual services bill? Absolutely! With the right CDR Software or billing platform, resellers should be able to conduct detailed CDR analysis to identify potentially lost revenue, ensure that costs are controlled and ultimately gain a complete understanding of their revenues and margin. Full management reporting is available within our aBILLity billing platform which enables our partners to interrogate all aspects of revenue and corresponding margin, by company, by carrier, by destination and so on. A powerful ‘What If’ rate modelling tool even allows them to create new tariffs and compare what effect they will have on margin and profitability.

CDR analysis for carrier reconciliation reporting is another example of this type of functionality. This allows resellers to use their CDR software to align their outward billing to that which is being billed to them by their carrier, ensuring that no services are missed. In aBILLity we provide a Carrier Watch feature which allows our partners to easily compare their carrier buy rates against an agreed tariff and automatically flag up specific over-charged calls. New charges are easily identified and added, ensuring that all revenue is billed. Price can also be reconciled to guard against overcharging.

By harnessing information on which services are billed you can also identify which services are not being billed. Account Managers can then explore possibilities for cross-selling new services in a highly targeted fashion.

Earlier this year, Union Street announced the launch of Benchmarking, a business intelligence service that enables our reseller partners to compare their business performance against an industry average derived from a large sample of our partner base. By harvesting anonymised data from aBILLity, Benchmarking provides reseller partners with valuable business insights, comparing their performance with that of the wider industry. These include reports on revenue growth, profit margin and charge rates, as well as analytics for how revenues are split between services, calls, and by carrier.

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