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Channel Billing Solutions | What Has Changed In The Past 12 Months?

20th November 2017  by Gareth

Recently we were asked by leading communications industry magazine, Comms Business, to contribute to a feature they were preparing on channel billing solutions. One of the questions that came up was “What has changed in billing solutions over the past year?”

Here’s what our Head of Sales & Marketing, Vincent Disneur, had to say.

Web Based

As with the wider software industry, Microsoft’s Office 365 being an obvious example, many leading telecom billing software vendors in the market are enhancing existing desktop versions of their software with web based user interfaces.

This has certainly been the case with Union Street’s award-winning billing software, aBILLity™. Many of our partners, particularly those using our Bureau Billing Service, now use aBILLity’s web based client as the primary interface for the platform and we are close to transferring the extensive functionality available in the desktop version of aBILLity into the new web interface. The positive feedback we have received about the web client has been extremely encouraging.

One of the most noticeable benefits of this trend, besides the accessibility benefits of being able to access aBILLity on any device with a web browser, is that user interfaces are now becoming much more aesthetic in design. Union Street has recruited accomplished web designers and user experience architects to ensure that as we add functionality to the web client, we keep the user experience firmly in mind.

The result is that aBILLity’s web client is not only feature rich, it also looks phenomenal with a stylish, streamlined, highly intuitive user interface.


The continuing trend to move away from on-premise installation of telecom billing platforms to cloud based deployment continues unabated.

In 2011, Union Street became one of the first billing software vendors to offer a hosted platform. Six years on we now provide hosting services for well over half our 550 CP partners. More partners choose to make the move to hosted with each passing month due to the fact that benefits and the cost effectiveness of outsourcing this service become increasingly attractive. In fact, almost all new partners now choose to host aBILLity in our data centre.

In an effort to make this service even more attractive for our partners and to ensure scalability, in 2016 we deployed a new hosted platform. Powered by Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud, this new platform delivers many extra benefits to our partners including market leading standards for data security and availability.

Due to the flexible network architecture provided by Azure, we are able to monitor usage and scale up resources effortlessly. The result being no matter how many partners choose out hosting services, we can be certain that the resources are in place to keep aBILLity running at optimal performance.

We are award winning, here are some of our recognitions


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