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Choosing The Right Billing Partner For Your Telco

6th June 2018  by Gareth

Recently we published the article, What is telecoms billing. This second article looks at factors that should be considered when choosing the right telecom billing partner.

A link to the full UC Today post can be found below.

Choosing The Right Billing Partner

Whether you’re choosing your first telecom billing platform or are looking to change your existing system, making the correct decision and selecting the optimum provider can be a daunting task unless you know what you are looking for. So, how do you choose the right one?

Success and Reputation

When looking for a robust billing platform vendor, the first place to start is reviews from their existing clients. These should offer an unbiased and honest opinion of how reliable the vendor is. Ask to see evidence of satisfied customer case studies or testimonials that back up their claims.

You should also ask whether the solution you are considering is widely used and endorsed by businesses similar to your own. If the answer is yes, you can be reasonably confident that the vendors billing platform is tried and tested and backed by a sturdy support wrap that you can trust.

Expertise and Reliability

When investing in a telecom billing platform, you want assurance that the team monitoring and maintaining that software are experts in their field. Just as important is their capability to channel that expertise into ensuring you and your customers get the best possible results.

Using ourselves as an example, Union Street is a leading provider of billing and provisioning solutions with close to 100 staff. Our team includes many of the industry’s most experienced and talented faces, particularly in our consultancy team.

Drive to Improve

While previous successes should factor into your decision making, it’s also crucial to have a clear idea of the direction the vendor is heading in. What do they hope to accomplish strategically and what do they have planned from an R&D perspective to accommodate industry changes?

The competence, skills and size of the product’s development team will be a clear indicator of the vendor’s commitment to the onward development of the product.

Training and Support

A high-quality billing software must be supported by a comprehensive training programme that demonstrates how to use the software properly. Ideally this will be verified by successful resellers as having helped to improve the way they manage their billing operations. Just as important is the delivery of ongoing support and proactive account management after the sale is complete.

At Union Street, this is a core part of our service offering. Our aim is to help our partners get as much value as possible from our telecom billing platform and enable them to seize every opportunity. Providing comprehensive support and ongoing strategic advice is, therefore, at the forefront of our priorities.

The full article, including security standards, data privacy and deployment and scalability can be found here.

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