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Is cloud the future for telecom billing solutions?

19th March 2019  by Gareth

Cloud hosted billing solutions, complemented by single-pane web-based interfaces, are undoubtedly the way forward for the market in the long term. In the short to medium term however, it’s likely that there will continue to be residual demand for on-premise deployment in certain quarters.

Today, well over half of the 600 companies that use our multi award winning aBILLity™ billing system use our cloud solution. Almost all new customers choose this option rather than hosting on their own hardware. It’s not hard to see why cloud deployment has become the popular choice. For many companies, particularly SMEs that don’t have dedicated IT Staff in-house, being able to cost-effectively outsource the work involved with hosting their billing system makes perfect sense. Subject to security restrictions, there’s also the added benefit of being able to access your billing system from anywhere.

Although the benefits of hosted deployment are attractive, it’s important to remember that not all hosted solutions are created equal. Be discerning when considering any business-critical cloud solution. Before putting pen to paper, you need to be satisfied that the vendor has made adequate provision for factors such as information security, capacity, availability, data backups, disaster recovery and so on. Following the introduction of GDPR and with Brexit on the horizon, it’s also important to ask where your data is being held and what geographic redundancies they have in place.

Union Street has put a great deal of effort into developing its hosted environment according to best practice. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Union Street’s cloud environment delivers optimal resources that we proactively scale up as demand increases. Users also get to enjoy unbeatable availability and levels of data security comparable to those seen in the financial sector.

Although there’s less and less justification for on-premise deployment, some companies still seem to prefer it that way. For example, CPs that sell heavily into the financial services vertical may need to demonstrate that they have complete control over customers’ data. Union Street’s market offering is built on flexibility so, if a client of ours needs or wants us to deploy our aBILLity system on their own hardware, then that’s what we’ll do.

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