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Detect Fraud With Telecoms Billing Systems

17th July 2019  by Gareth

Telecom fraud management is definitely an area where a telecom billing system can add value. Although carriers offer a degree of protection against fraud, it’s still wise for CPs to take their own precautions. There are now a number of products and services on the market that can assist CPs to both detect and shut down fraudulent activity in a much timelier manner than previously possible.

However, for most CPs, the telecoms billing system is usually still the best placed solution for detecting and countering fraudulent activity. Selecting a billing platform that can automate detection and termination of fraud occurrences can therefore save a huge amount of money for a CP and/or end user.

Union Street’s aBILLity system for example, uses multiple algorithms to analyse CDRs and detect unusual calling patterns and charge rates in customer accounts. Once detected, aBILLity can automatically alert the CP, the end user and even use its WLR3 gateway to put a bar on further calling to the suspect numbers. This helps to curtail fraud events as quickly as possible and can greatly reduce the cost of fraud.

Following a fraud occurrence, the working relationship between the CP and the end user is, quite understandably, put under strain. However, if the customer realises that the CP has acted quickly and proactively to prevent the situation from becoming costlier, this will go a long way in helping to preserve that customer’s goodwill.

The key to catching fraud early, is of course to import data as soon it’s available. Most suppliers will now make new CDRs available every few hours, sometimes more. Our aBILLity system can be configured to automatically search for new CDRs, importing, rating and performing fraud checks on any that it finds as soon as they’re available. This transforms what can be an irregular and very manual process into a reliable automated routine and gives CPs the best chance of catching fraud early.

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