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Effortless customer comms with Affinity

25th May 2022  by Gareth

Union Street has announced the launch of Automated-Communications, an optional new module for our Affinity billing platform that enables our reseller partners to automate customer communications via email or SMS.

This feature is ideal for ensuring certain regulatory obligations are met, such as the requirement for communication providers to notify customers when their current contract is ending, and what the best renewal deals are.

The Automated-Communications module enables our partners to create standardised templates for communications with a variety of styling options to ensure a consistent look and feel with company branding.

Communications can also be personalised by merging customer information that is held in the Affinity platform’s database.

The module also provides powerful tools for segmenting a reseller’s customer base, ensuring customers only receive communications that are relevant to them.

Similarly, communications can be triggered by a change of circumstances in a customer account, such as if they are approaching a renewal date or have re-signed a contract.

Schedules can be set for either one-off or repeat communications as required. For example, a communication could be scheduled to email a customer on a daily basis once their invoice has passed its due date.

Our Affinity Product Owner, Samantha Dennahy, said, “There are numerous communications that resellers are obliged to send to their customers and many more that while not mandatory, are necessary to providing a first-class customer service, or for promoting products and services. Managing all these communications can be a time consuming and repetitive task but by leveraging the wealth of data held in the Affinity billing platform, the Automated-Communications module enables our partners to be consistent and proactive, effortlessly communicating with customers any time, any day.”

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