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Introducing Michelle – Head of Service Management

29th December 2021  by Gareth

In our ‘Introducing series’ of feature pieces, we are going to have a look at the team that makes Union Street tick. We believe that the people behind Union Street are as important as Union Street itself and, on that note, meet Michelle Turner, our Head of Service Management.

Michelle’s role and that of her team, is one that really brings a human touch to Union Street. The Service Management Team provides an additional level of care for partners with complex requirements or those that might be experiencing unique challenges with the billing process. The team possess comprehensive product knowledge and provide a friendly point of contact for partners ensuring they enjoy the best possible experience with the company.

Union Street’s accreditation for the Institute of Customer Service’s ServiceMark requires a constant review of all service activities and every touch point a partner may have. This has led to several new customer service initiatives, including the creation of the Service Management Team.

Elaborating on how the Service Management Team benefits partners, Michelle said, “Through regular interactions, our dedicated team provide Service Managed Partners the information they need to see the wood for the trees when it comes to product queries and overall service. We adopt the role of Partner stakeholders within Union Street, ensuring voices are heard and goals are recognised. Working alongside the Account Management team, we intend to enrich the already existing relationship with the business and ultimately improve service with our interactions. Our focus is to build strong and honest relationships with our partners.”

Having joined the company in 2008, Michelle has held various positions across the business, all of which have helped to prepare her for her current role. Michelle explains, “My roles over the years, although varied, have all boiled down to making people’s lives easier. I am naturally very people focused and I love to help so I welcome any opportunity to facilitate a resolution to a problem. Much like a detective or a translator, I use my knowledge and experience to assist staff and Partners to get the best possible outcome from the situation which is challenging them.”

The Service Management Team has proved to be a huge success so far. Michelle is currently studying for a qualification in customer experience which she plans to use to enhance the Service Management Team further. Commenting on what the future has in store, Michelle said, “Union Street have won many awards for our product over the years, and I now believe the time has come to focus on being contenders for future Service Awards within our industry. We are already building strong foundations for a Partner centric ethos within Union Street which I am confident will lead to improvements of overall Partner experience and service. I believe my CX accreditation will be of great value to the business, and I am excited about what we will be able to achieve.”

Union Street is committed to serving the channel community and to helping our partners to become bigger, better, and more profitable. Feel free to reach out to us to find out how we can add value to your business, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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