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Can Resellers Efficiently Manage Billing and CDR Analysis In-House?

5th December 2016  by Gareth

For many resellers of communications services, outsourcing their billing and management of call data records (CDRs) is a no-brainer. Many simply don’t have the time, resources or expertise to efficiently manage billing and CDR analysis in-house. Billing has also become increasingly complex in recent years and additional precision is required due to complicated pricing plans, inclusive usage, bundles, mobile tariffs, CDR records and so on. Using billing platforms and CDR software to map what’s been sold to what can be billed is becoming harder and harder, so why wouldn’t you want a team of billing experts overseeing this process?

In many cases, outsourcing billing and management of CDR systems also makes sound economic sense. Roughly a third of Union Street’s partners have chosen to use our bureau service (where we manage the billing process on a reseller’s behalf) and many have subsequently reported increases in profitability thanks to the knowledge and skill our team are able to apply to our partners’ billing operations.

Although bureau services offer numerous attractive benefits for resellers, we don’t believe that resellers can’t handle the converged billing requirements of their customers in house. So long as your billing platform’s CDR analysis software is continually developed with tools to manage new and emerging communications services, a skilled billing manager shouldn’t struggle to adapt to the pace of change. Managing the billing in-house can also, in some instances, provide additional control over this critical process.

However, for resellers that do chose to manage billing in house, it is vital that the billing personnel are kept up to date with developments to their billing platform, on the best ways to manage new services and on changes to industry regulations that govern resellers. Making training available for billing personnel is therefore essential for any reseller that opts to manage billing in-house. This is why Union Street provides training for beginners all the way through to expert level users of aBILLity with guidance not just on our products, but also on best practices in CDR analysis and compliance with industry regulation.

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