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Mobile Billing and Provisioning

30th April 2019  by Gareth

How can our aBILLity™ mobile billing and provisioning software help you manage and grow your mobile services?

1. Winning the Business

The aBILLity platform will help you gain a competitive edge with highly flexible options for creating tariffs and inclusive data, minutes and text bundles. These can be applied to a company group or individual cellular telephone numbers (CTNs). There’s no need to simply mirror the tariffs offered by your carrier or the networks, aBILLity can bundle services and create packages in any way you choose.

2. Set Up Customers

aBILLity’s automated features for importing CTNs and services make it easy to set up customers quickly and easily, taking much of the administrative complications out of winning the big deals. You can easily manage and transfer information from customer contracts into the billing system, recording kit and tech funds if you offer them.

3. Manage in Contract

aBILLity’s flexible functionality allows you to easily change customers’ tariffs, inclusive bundles and add one-off data boosts. It even enables you to profile customers’ data usage and optimise the tariff you put on them accordingly. Automated imports of supplier call data records (CDRs) allow for close monitoring of network usage, particularly useful if the customer has chosen to set a bill cap for their mobile services.

aBILLity also offers tools for analysing your customer base as a whole which, in turn, enables you to calculate the profitability of buying large bundles of data from your network.

4. Customer Billing and Reporting

Use bespoke service charge rates to simply onward bill services or fully reconcile against carrier invoices. Graphical options for invoice designs enable you to generate bills that match your company branding.

In addition, aBILLity can generate a wide range of customer facing reports, taking into account requirements such as data usage. This is ideal for larger customers that may need bespoke reports. We can also provide a white labelled billing portal for your end users which allow them to view usage data and set alerts.

Further Information

We hope that you have found this information helpful. If you’d like to know more about these or any of the other brilliant new features in the aBILLity platform, please contact us.

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