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Introducing new Sage integration for aBILLity

26th July 2021  by Olly Silver

Sage + aBILLity: Syncing your billing and accounting just got a whole lot easier

We’ve all been there; keeping multiple applications in sync with matching information can be a minefield. This is particularly critical for any business that needs to share financial information between two platforms such as billing and accounting, as many of our partners need to do. The data has to be 100% accurate so customers get billed correctly, on time.

Without a direct integration and automated workflows between systems, this process can cause a huge hassle. It can result in reduced productivity through manual, line-by-line re-keying of crucial billing information. Human error also opens the door to customers being charged incorrectly, leading to more support tickets and a strain on resources.

So as part of our mission to help IT and telecoms resellers become bigger, better and more profitable, we’ve developed an integration to automate these workflows, giving you peace of mind and time back to focus on other key areas of your business.

Introducing Sage for aBILLity

Our new integration enables Sage’s market-leading accountancy and finance solutions to work seamlessly with our aBILLity billing software, ensuring your billing and accounts sing harmoniously. The integration works for both Sage 50cloud Accounts and Sage 200cloud, streamlining data management between the two platforms. Here are a few reasons you should check this integration out:

Enjoy greater electonic invoicing and transaction efficiency

The Sage integration removes the need for manual file import/export routines of invoice and payment transactions, delivering a wide range of efficiency benefits including data integrity, information security, and increased productivity.

  • Boost productivity with reduced manual data entry
  • Increase accuracy with data synchronization
  • Improve security by eliminating import/export routines


Keep your customer data in sync

New customer accounts can be pushed to Sage automatically and their details updated either to or from Sage. The integration can be configured according to your business’s
requirements so that either Sage or aBILLity can act as the master system of record.

  • Select either aBILLity or Sage as the ‘master’ system
  • Synchronise account and contact data
  • View transaction history in aBILLity


Integrated invoicing

Invoices generated in aBILLity can be bulk posted to Sage’s Sales Ledger in a single click as
part of the structured bill run process. They can then be broken down and monitored in Sage on
an individual basis.

  • Invoices posted to Sales Ledger from aBILLity following the bill run
  • View all accounts activity in both aBILLity and Sage


View transactions

Account transaction history for each customer, including payments received, outstanding balances, and aged debt information, can be made visible within aBILLity. Using the invoice
history screen, you can view customers’ transactions en masse.

  • Access transaction history per customer in aBILLity
  • Bulk view transactions from the customer across the entire customer base


What about Direct Debits?

aBILLity can create Direct Debit collection files for the bank and post payments back to the Sales Ledger in Sage. Because Direct Debit invoices can be flagged as paid in bulk via aBILLity, the integration streamlines what can be a time-consuming, oneby-one process in Sage. Once invoices are marked as paid, there’s still an opportunity for a Direct Debit to bounce. With a simple click you can cancel and reissue invoices as required.

How can I take advantage of the new Sage Integration?

If you are a current customer, you will be able to reach out to your CSM who will be able to take you through the new Sage integration.

Not a Union Street customer yet? No problem, there is more to aBILLity than our swanky, new integration with Sage…a lot more! Let us show you how our solution can help you become bigger, better and more profitable.

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