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WLR3 Provisioning Solutions


WLR3 portal solution

Union Street's award winning WLR3 (Wholesale Line Rental 3) software is a fully managed, carrier grade WLR3 gateway offering resilience, reliability and performance. It provides complete control over your customers' WLR assets, service provisioning and fault management. It is available as a stand-alone portal solution and also as a integrated module for our aBILLity billing platform.


Easy to use

An intuitive user interface enables you to place orders much more efficiently than other wizard based solutions. Where possible, we have translated the data which the EMP (Equivalence Management Platform) returns to provide you with a more meaningful experience.


aBILLity integration

Our WLR3 portal really comes into its own when integrated with our aBILLity billing platform. This gives significant business benefits in terms of reduced data entry, faster order processing, extra validation, and reduced errors. By integrating with aBILLity's LineGuard fraud management module, it can also be configured to automatically block lines if fraud activity is detected. End-user customers are also able to log faults via the WebaBILLity Pro portal.



The solution is ideal if you onward sell WLR to dealers and resellers, as the portal has multi-level access rights, you can also restrict the number of lines a reseller can order to reduce your credit exposure. The portal can be fully customised with your branding and colour scheme. It can also be separately branded for your resellers.


With you all the way

We offer a range of support services to ensure that you leverage the full benefit from WLR3. This includes initial consultancy, service establishment, training and ongoing remote support


Additional features

Control costs

Apply limits to excess charges; validate orders to reduce errors; pre-qualify orders/check availability; conduct management reporting - our WLR3 solution provides a range of functionality to help reduce costs.

Set customer expectations

The WLR3 portal allows you to manage customer expectations by giving you options to reserve numbers, book engineer appointments, check line plant availability, check progress, and much more.


The portal can be used to communicate with other carriers to place CPS and IDA orders.

API integration

Our WLR3 Portal features a sophisticated application programming interface (API) enabling other third party solutions to be integrated with WLR3 functions

Boost accuracy and productivity

A single point of entry for data and service charge synchronisation reduces errors and saves time and equally importantly, reduces errors, mis-billing and revenue loss.

What is WLR3?

Following Ofcom’s Telecommunications Strategic Review in 2005, BT signed up to a set of undertakings to ensure that any communications provider (CP) in the UK, regardless of size, would have equal access to BT’s regulated products.

WLR3 (Wholesale Line Rental 3) has been introduced by Openreach to provide a level playing field for CPs with BT Retail through a policy of equivalence of access. With WLR3, CPs can order services, view site information, book engineer appointments, reserve numbers and manage faults with access to the same features as BT Retail. In addition, with WLR3 no order forecasts are required so all orders have equal priority. Openreach engineer appointments can be booked online while the customer is on the phone to agree the date. Appointments can also be re-booked or cancelled using direct access to Openreach engineer workbooks.

How can our WLR3 portal help you?

To utilise WLR3, CPs must interface with the Openreach Equivalence Management Platform (EMP). CPs need to partner with a third party integrator (TPI) such as Union Street who can provide a solution. The Union Street WLR3 Portal Solution provides the required interface to the Openreach EMP, but offers much more functionality than simply a place to order service and log faults. The WLR3 Portal solution puts you in full control of your customers’ service provisioning and fault management, online.

Trusted by leading communications providers

“When fraud occurs it’s extremely damaging, both in monetary terms and to the customer relationship. aBILLity along with our out of hours coverage provides us with a comprehensive tool set for stopping fraud early. This has enabled us to launch our Fraud Limitation Cover, which provides valuable peace of mind to consumers, and acts as a great value add for our resellers’ services.”

Mark Jones, Managing Director, Blizzard Telecom

"When I established Channel Telecom we needed a reliable and scalable billing solution for our channel partners. Union Street’s aBILLity platform has met our needs in every regard."

Clifford Norton, Managing Director, Channel Telecom

"Highnet spent a year looking at several options for billing because it was an important step and essential that we get it right. aBILLity proved to be the best option and we have used the platform very successfully ever since."

David J Siegel, Managing Director, Highnet.

"Union Street provides a holistic back-office solution that not only covers billing for voice, data and mobile, but also provides us with integration for accounts and CRM."

Darren Scott-Healey, CEO, Peach Technologies.

"With 20 billion devices worldwide being connected by 2017, Gteq needed a robust, reliable and proven billing solution we could depend on to bill M2M solutions. aBILLity has proven to be the perfect solution in this regard and the ideal platform to support our growing partner channel."

Karl McCaffrey, CEO, GridTeq

We are award winning, here are some of our recognitions


Specialist Vendor 2019


Channel Sales Team of the Year


Customer Focus Awards


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