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Six Essential Telecom Management Software for CPs

16th April 2020  by Gareth

Communication providers (CPs) are responsible for the secure and reliable delivery of telecommunications services over a range of digital network infrastructures, often with the help of various telecom management software packages.

To ensure the smooth and continuous delivery of their services, it is important to know which software packages are the most essential for CPs to effectively manage their operations.

Most CPs are likely to use a range of branded software packages to manage their operations, however, there are usually six key components that make up a successful and efficient back-office software management system. These six components are:


1: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

CRM software is a multi-use management system that is used to manage key relationships and interactions with prospective customers. The software system manages customer data, lead generation, marketing activities and prospecting.

No successful communications provider is complete without a quality CRM system. Among other benefits, these systems help your staff to schedule and record customer interactions, gather and analyse customer data and assess marketing results.

2: Provisioning software

Provisioning software is used by CPs to place orders with suppliers. Telecom Provisioning means to deliver an end-user with the necessary hardware and network connection for them to access their telephony and/or connectivity services. For example, Union Street’s MOSIAX is a white-labelled provisioning portal that has been designed for CPs and any reseller partners they might have to quote, order and provision products and services.

MOSAIX works seamlessly behind the scenes to effectively combine business process management with service/hardware ordering from suppliers, providing an end-to-end solution for service delivery.

3: Billing system

Billing systems, such as Union Street’s aBILLity, manage the collection of raw call data records (CDRs) from suppliers then, by rating this information according to customer tariffs, generate bills for end-user customers. Most billing systems will also manage the distribution of these bills to end users. The aBILLity Billing platform is currently used successfully by over 600 CPs, providing a complete solution for the billing challenge. In addition to basic billing functionality, aBILLity incorporates essential functions such as forecasting, reporting, supplier reconciliation and fraud detection for complete revenue assurance.

A completely scalable solution, aBILLity is suitable for all sizes of business, from start-ups to large companies.

4: Customer billing portal

Customer engagement is a key factor for any successful CP. A customer billing portal allows end-users to access their account information online, view their bill history, conduct reporting and manage their services.

A high-quality customer portal software solution such as Union Street’s WebaBILLity Pro performs this critical element of your service perfectly. This software package allows you to white label the portal for consistency with your company’s branding. You can also place adverts for your products or service announcements which can be tailored to fit the type of user.

5: Accounts software

Using an accounting software package makes managing your financial accounts and credit control far easier. Many CPs use popular accounting software packages such as Sage and Xero.

An added benefit of using Union Street’s software solutions is that they can integrate via API with practically any leading accounting software solution available today (including Sage and Xero).

6: Payment gateway

The final essential piece of telecom management software all CPs need is a quick, convenient and secure platform for allowing their customers to pay. A payment gateway is the most popular method here and this allows customers to pay by debit or credit card. An example would be Go Cardless.


The importance of system integration

Due to the increasing advancements in automated technology, it has become important for CPs to use integrate their systems to help streamline their processes, ensure data integrity and make the management of their operations more efficient. Integrating your essential telecom management software can help to increase productivity and reduce overheads.

Integrating your software solutions can help you keep control of your ever-increasing data collection and management coming from customers and suppliers.

By aligning your essential software systems, your business processes will become less time-consuming and more streamlined due to being able to access all of your data from one integrated system. Luckily, by using our API, Union Street’s solutions can be integrated with almost any other operational support system.

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