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Small Businesses Have Spoken. They Want Partners Like You!

11th March 2021  by Gareth

Small businesses are set to invest in technology like never before as they seek to power their businesses for the future and are looking for channel partners like you to guide them on their way.


In a recent survey of over 200 small business leaders, more than 70 percent are feeling overwhelmingly positive about the prospects for their businesses moving forwards.

During the first lockdown, businesses rushed to put temporary fixes in place to get everyone working from home. Now, awake to the fact that this change in the way everyone works is here to stay, they need to invest in fixing remote working for the long term.

In our research, they told us four clear and immediate priorities to fix remote working:

  1. Making collaboration work for the long term
    Most small businesses have now deployed either Zoom or Teams. They need help to understand what will work for the long term which is brilliant to use AND secure, while creating a platform to do more.
  2. Fixing home broadband
    More than 40 percent of businesses are reporting problems with staff working at home, caused by poor networks. 60 percent say they are ready to invest to give their teams business grade, secure connectivity at home.
  3. Putting in place a cloud or hosted telephone system
    Many small businesses have run their businesses in lockdown by diverting their landline to their mobile. Fixing this for the long term couldn’t be more straightforward, affordable and beneficial.
  4. Joining together collaboration and communications
    They want to connect their systems so as not to silo customers and staff.



Although these are the most pressing priorities, they’re also keen to figure out how to drive digital technology across their whole business to improve long term efficiency. As such, the channel has an incredible opportunity to help small businesses with:

  1. Getting everything else into the cloud
    Businesses now realise the liberation and flexibility you get when everything lives in the cloud and everything is connected.
  2. Fibre and 5G
    Businesses need a super-fast network to facilitate working at home, on the move and in hubs. With 5G and FTTP rolling out fast, they will invest to get the best.
  3. Security
    Built into everything they use so they don’t need to worry about it.
  4. Simplifying the buying process
    Enabling customers to self-serve and self-manage the process of ordering and updating products and services.
  5. Service management
    Monitoring usage, costs, and device allocations to efficiently manage their mobile estate.

The opportunities for the channel are borne out in numerous market forecasts. An already huge £10bn market, small business investment in cloud and comms is set to grow at nine percent every year for the next five years. And with imminent market transitions such as the PSTN switch off, FTTP and 5G compelling businesses to make buying decisions, no one is better positioned to help than the channel.



Recently, Union Street joined a channel focussed group of businesses including DWS and Giacom, bringing together three channel leading solutions – telecoms, Microsoft cloud, and our billing and provisioning software.

This move, in combination with significant new investment into R&D, means we’re well placed to assist partners in capitalising on these opportunities. Our teams are working hard to develop solutions that make it really simple for partners to provision, invoice and manage the services they provide to business customers, and to seize the incredible opportunity in cloud and comms.

We are ready to help you grow, so come and talk to us, we’d welcome the chance to discuss how we can work together to do truly amazing things for the UK’s small businesses.

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