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Telecom Provisioning: 3 Ways to Enhance Your Processes

11th March 2020  by Gareth

Every organisation should be focused on improving productivity and streamlining business processes to make them more efficient and less wasteful. However, for a vast majority of organisations and corporations, day to day processes are still heavily reliant on human interaction through phone calls, emails, input for approvals, orders and payments. This is particularly apparent in the process of provisioning communications services.

Running a business in this way often goes hand in hand with operating in a decentralised format, with multiple departments or personnel (sometimes based at completely separate locations) involved in the provisioning process.

Operating in this manner is usually the only option open to businesses under a certain size but, as a business grows, the lack of efficiency will increasingly become a limiting factor for scalability. Continuing to utilise such a disparate approach inevitably leads to human errors, resulting in missed orders and other miscommunications.


Automation of telecom provisioning

Communication providers (CPs), can greatly benefit from automating many day-to-day manual routine tasks and business processes that are related to provisioning communication services.

By automating your telecom provisioning you can greatly improve efficiency and productivity, avoiding typical errors such as incorrect site information or failing to reference correct contracts.

The amount of time saved by not having to chase up and track paper trails to fix human errors can be incredibly valuable. Streamlining and managing your telecom provisioning in this way can save a lot of money and provide a more efficient and fully accountable system that will save you from a lot of headaches and frustration.

Let’s take a closer look at three steps to improve telecom provisioning, processing and costs:


1. Centralise

By using a centralised system to unify your telecom provisioning activities, you can make great savings and improve efficiency measures. You will be able to reconcile service order activity inventory, contracts, and billing within one centralised system.

With one place for all of your communications and connectivity provisioning activities, you will have better oversight of all your services with complete order history. Pending actions and other related information, such as insights for key trends and noting key service milestones, can be centrally managed and accessible by all relevant departments.


2. Automate

By centralising your telecom provisioning activities, you can move on to fully automate it and reduce the margin for human error. It will enable you to build an efficient and effective workflow for processing orders, contracts and billing.

You can design automated workflows to pre-populate information, saving a lot of inputting time, and ensuring that all necessary information is completed when orders are placed.

For provisioning mobile phone services, a mobile provisioning portal can be set up with rules that automatically advise employees of what service plans and devices a customer is entitled to. This can save a lot of time on lengthy phone calls and searching for relevant information while keeping the customer on hold.

Through API integration, our Mosaix™ software can even enable you to federate the ordering systems of your approved vendors into one platform, automating transactions through eBonding, and negating the need to navigate between different systems to complete orders.


3. Lower costs

Automating your provisioning systems and integrating supplier systems allows you to streamline your provisioning activities. A great amount of time can be saved here as well as reduced error margins because, by eliminating the need to rekey information between systems, far greater accuracy will be achieved. This means your employees are free to focus on more valuable work rather than waste time chasing up ordering errors.

Better order tracking and visibility will lead to a more efficient system with less wasted time and effort fixing human errors or omissions. Your staff can be instantly updated with any special contract pricing, upgrade waivers and volume discounts for mobile devices that are coming into effect.

At the end of the day, telecom provisioning need not be a labour intensive or complicated task that is a drain on your budget. You can contact Union Street to discuss your telecom provisioning needs and see how much money and time we can save on the management of your telecoms services.

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