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Union Street gets agile

4th November 2015  by Gareth

José Fernandez, Chief Operating Officer for Union Street Technologies, has wasted little time shaking things up at the channel’s leading supplier of billing solutions. Following his appointment in July, Fernandez has already overseen the successful implementation of a new ‘Agile Framework’ into the company’s development and project management processes.

Agile software development is a term used in the software industry to describe a group of development practices which promote the organic evolution of solutions through close collaboration between developers, project managers and key stakeholders. Agile software development methods have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to a number of benefits including speed, accuracy and increased adaptability in the development process.

With a team of 40 developers in-house and high annual investment, last year amounting to over £1,000,000, Union Street claims to have the largest development resource of any billing provider in the UK. This, the company claims, has enabled it to be first to market with a number of break through solutions. Union Street believes that implementing an Agile framework into its development processes will lead to big increases in efficiency, allowing the company to leverage its development resources to even greater effect.

Fernandez explains, “High quality software development lies at the heart of the Union Street proposition, which is why we continually invest such high levels of revenue back into R&D. We’re also very proud of our development team which comprises of some of the most talented people the industry has to offer. Moving to an Agile process will enable us to unlock the true potential of our development resources and deliver feature rich software releases for the whole of our customer base with increased frequency and with absolute certainty. This will of course lead to a number of benefits for our clients, including the opportunity to have a greater level of input into our development process.”

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