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Union Street delivers NGCS service to over 200 clients

3rd July 2015  by Gareth

Union Street delivers NGCS service to over 200 clients

A ‘NGCS Compliance Service’, launched by Union Street to help its clients prepare for the introduction of new regulations for non-geographic call services (NGCS), has been ordered by over 200 resellers in its customer base.

The billing provider claims that resellers who choose to use the service, can outsource much of the time time-consuming, billing-related preparation work, to Union Street. This includes adding new NGCS dial codes (now service charges), price points, and a default consumer tariff to the reseller’s aBILLity™ billing platform, replacing the obsolete ones in compliance with the regulations.

According to Union Street, this will help its reseller clients overcome the challenges associated with the requirement for unbundling call charges for consumers (as opposed to businesses) into separate service and access charges. This requirement has meant that all resellers, including those that deal exclusively with business customers, will need to update their billing platforms with thousands of new service charges which must map to one of 80 industry agreed price points.

Failure to do so will cause resellers to fall out of step with terminating CPs that use the new service charges further up the supply chain. This in turn could lead to losses in revenue on calls made to non-geographic numbers.

Vincent Disneur, Head of Sales, comments, “We are hoping that our clients are comfortable with the NCGS changes. Over the last few months we have sent out several e-casts, press releases, a white paper and an online video to help our clients understand the new rules. We have also developed a new version of aBILLity to make it easy to manage the new pricing structures.

“We are encouraged by the fact that so many of our clients have opted for our NGCS Compliance Service as it provides an extremely cost effective means for them to comply with the new regulations, whilst outsourcing much of the hard work to our consultancy teams. Naturally we’re delighted that we have been able to assist so many of our clients in this regard.”

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