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Union Street Featured on Comms Business Cover

27th March 2018  by Gareth

Union Street was recently featured on the cover of Comms Business magazine for the launch of Mosaix, a disruptive new product that enables carriers, aggregators and other wholesalers of network services to create bespoke provisioning portals.

This feature, in its entirety, can be read below or, if you prefer, click here to view a PDF copy of this story from the magazine.


Word on the Street: MOSAIX

Comms Business sat down with Union Street’s Tony Cook and Vincent Disneur to find out more about MOSAIX, a new software product that enables wholesalers of communications services to create bespoke provisioning portals. With business process management functionality and integrations with leading channel suppliers, it’s sure to be a game changer.

Comms Business Magazine (CBM): What challenges will MOSAIX solve?
Tony Cook (TC): MOSAIX has been designed with wholesalers of communications and IT services in mind. Those businesses that supply the channel. Practically every wholesaler has experienced challenges when providing channel partners with quotes for their products and services. In many companies this is still quite a manual procedure, managed through a hybrid of email and phone communication. Inevitably, this makes quoting and ordering an error prone and time-consuming process.

Vincent Disneur (VD): On the other side of this coin is service provisioning. Once a quote has been accepted, progressing partners’ orders to fulfilment is also, more often than not, a process that’s littered with pain points. We put our heads together at Union Street to work out how we could develop a solution that would make this whole process more streamlined and easier to manage. A solution that ensures every order follows an assured repeatable process and that would deliver a positive experience for all stakeholders. MOSAIX is that solution.

CBM: What is MOSAIX and how will it solve these problems?
VD: MOSAIX is a framework we use to create sophisticated but simple to use, provisioning portals for wholesalers. These can be used by their channel partners, or by their own staff, to browse, price up and order products and services. From aesthetics through to data capture, everything about a provisioning portal that’s been created with MOSAIX is completely customisable, making it the perfect fit for wholesalers and their partners. Elegant system architecture makes MOSAIX highly extensible, meaning that you can add new products and services agilely and without limit.

TC: In addition to enabling your channel partners to self-serve, MOSAIX delivers a flexible but powerful business process management engine. This automates the process for how orders flow from receipt through to fulfilment, generating notifications and email communications at each step of the way to ensure nothing is missed and all relevant parties stay informed.

Advanced APIs make it possible for MOSAIX to hook into the ordering systems of both internal and external suppliers. So, as your partners place orders through the MOSAIX web portal, these can be automatically directed to your suppliers, eliminating the need for manual or ‘swivel chair’ ordering between platforms.

In short, MOSAIX seamlessly combines business process management with effortless partner ordering, facilitating a complete end to end orchestration of service delivery.

CBM: How will MOSAIX work for wholesalers that are already using your aBILLity™ software?
TC: MOSAIX fully integrates with other Union Street products, including our aBILLity™ billing platform. This can provide many additional benefits. For example, by drawing pricing information from aBILLity, the MOSAIX provisioning portal allows your partners to precisely configure communication services, build quotes and compare prices with pinpoint accuracy.

Our APIs enable integration of MOSAIX with practically any other software package such as accounts, service management and CRM systems.

CBM: When will this be available?
VD: It’s available now. We’ve completed beta trials and MOSAIX is already being used to power a number of provisioning portals. These portals are used day in day out by their channel partners to provision services.

The results have been fantastic and we’re now actively looking for new partners that might be interested to use MOSAIX to manage the provisioning of their partner services. So, if you’re interested to find out what this solution could do for you, just give us a call.


Powered by MOSAIX

By integrating elements of MOSAIX’s powerful provisioning framework, Union Street has been able to introduce new functionality into its aBILLity billing platform. Vincent explains how these new additions, powered by MOSAIX, could benefit Union Street’s channel partners.

A new look for WLR3

VD: WLR3 may not exactly be the future of communications, particularly given that Openreach intends to turn off its existing PSTN and ISDN network by 2025 and switch to a single IP network. However, for the time being many CPs are continuing to provision these services in earnest, probably with the intention of switching them over to IP services at a later date.

Now, let’s be honest. Many (not all) existing WLR3 gateways aren’t too impressive. They’re old, ugly, expensive, poorly designed and, all things considered, unlikely to receive much investment or modernisation.

Our new WLR3 portal is an exception to this rule. Using our MOSAIX framework and, as part of our drive to completely transition aBILLity to a web based solution, we have been able to completely redevelop our WLR3 portal from the ground up. Keeping the user journey firmly in mind, the result is a brand new WLR3 solution that not only looks amazing but also makes WLR3 provisioning a breeze.

Best of all, it’s offered at an extremely competitive price point. If you’re interested to find out more, or to see a demonstration, just give us a call and one of our provisioning experts will be happy to answer any questions you might have on our brand new WLR3 solution.

Quote 2 Cash

VD: Quote 2 cash, or Q2C, is a product we’re all really excited about at Union Street. It will enable aBILLity™ users to quickly compare data connectivity services and prices from multiple suppliers. Currently, when a communications provider prepares a quote for data services like broadband, fibre, ethernet, lease lines and so on, if they want to find the most competitive quote, they’ll need to enter an end user’s data into each of their suppliers’ ordering portals.

Gathering and comparing data in this way is both repetitive and time consuming. Q2C is brilliant because it allows our partners to make that data entry just once. Then, through API integration with supplier portals, powered by MOSAIX, Q2C returns detailed results for what specific services are available from those suppliers in a clear, easily comparable format.

Q2C will also feature standardised business flows for progressing these quotes through to fulfilment and populating data into the billing platform so that it can be billed. We believe this product will save our partners a huge amount of time at every step of the process.

Q2C is available now for all existing aBILLity users. If you’d like to know more, or to arrange a demo, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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