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Union Street Publishes Streetwise Channel Report

18th December 2019  by Gareth

Free to all resellers of ICT services, our 2020 Streetwise Channel Report analyses the changing trends and disruptive forces shaping the communications channel. We take a look at the findings of Ofcom’s recently published CMR 2019, explore possibilities for market development in 2020, and discuss how effective billing strategies will enable the channel to capitalise on emerging opportunities.

We also provide a sneak peek at what we have in store for 2020. As the UK’s leading provider of billing and provisioning solutions we have, over the past twelve months, invested millions into R&D. As a result, we have a number of exciting product developments on the horizon which we think the channel is going to love.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit and register for your free copy of our Streetwise Channel Report. Below is a short excerpt of the report’s foreword as written by Comms Business publisher, David Dungay.

The importance of billing cannot be underestimated. For Channel Partners, it will be the most important piece of software they have within their internal systems. In a market with tight margins, ensuring you bill in a timely and accurate manner could make the difference between a thriving business and one that is constantly plagued with cash flow ‘issues’. The opportunities to lose revenues through inaccurate billing are vast and can be a big stumbling block for channel partners. Failure to regularly check agreed carrier pricing and customer rate tables can be costly, your billing provider should be a major facilitator in helping you maintain an appropriate level of cost management or ‘housekeeping.’

Although billing represents a small part of the Channel market, any partner serious about their growth strategy and future will require the expertise of a vendor in this space. The big question is, how do you pick a provider that aligns to your business and strategy? Due diligence, due diligence, due diligence… there is no easy way to pick a provider to suit your requirements. Without the appropriate level of investigation prior to choosing your vendor you could find yourself in a contract with a solution which doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Where does the solution derive from? Has it been developed from the ground up? What are typical development cycles for new features? Does the vendor have an in-house development team? What is their current market presence in your sector? What kinds of tools and features are included to ensure compliance? Is there a cloud strategy? These are all questions which should be addressed from the get-go.

Businesses are moving to the cloud and billing systems are no different. However, it is important to align yourself with a vendor that recognises your journey. Compliance issues can keep systems on-premise but for the most part there is little reason to hold your systems back from the cloud. You may be already there, mid-transition or only just starting to think about it, your vendor should not only be able to satisfy your needs today but also your needs tomorrow. If you want to know why billing matters, this report is a good place to start.

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