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Union Street supports new UK standard CDR with aBILLity

7th February 2013  by Gareth

Union Street Technologies, the leading supplier of comms billing solutions, now fully supports the UK’s first standardised format for Call Data Records (CDRs). Existing users of the multi-award winning aBILLity billing platform, will be able to import the UK Standard CDR provided the new data loader has been installed on their billing platform.  The UK Standard CDR format, launched in January 2013, was developed cooperatively by Union Street and other billing system providers under the leadership of the Federation of Communication Services (FCS). see FCS

The latest version aBILLity is also able to export wholesale CDRs in this new format and Union Street is encouraging its customers that supply wholesale services, to adopt the new standard. Union Street has also announced that future versions of aBILLity will make this new standardised format the default for wholesale CDRs.

This move towards standardisation is sure to be welcomed by the communication provider (CP) community. As the communications market has grown, the absence of a standard format for CDRs has meant that every billing solutions provider developed their own unique format, which has in turn created a huge work load for CPs that need to process this information.

Union Street Development Director Alper Kazaca commented, “We have worked really hard to ensure that we have compatibility with the standard as of the launch date from January 2013. Over the next few months we aim to roll this out to more and more of our customers. It is our hope that in the coming years this standardisation will create real benefits for the industry and save countless man hours, and we are very proud to have played a key part in its introduction.”

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