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VoIP Billing: Choosing The Right Voice Billing Software

8th June 2020  by Gareth

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In other words, it means to make calls through the internet rather than through the public switch telephone network (PSTN) or via a mobile phone network. The VoIP system takes your voice signals and converts them to digital signals that are then sent as data via the Internet.

Because it is generally far cheaper to make VoIP calls than to make calls using the PSTN network, VoIP can be a very practical and cost-effective solution for businesses that want to keep their overheads down, particularly for new start-ups or small companies. For example, depending on the business and how it operates, the use of VoIP can help to avoid paying duration and destination based charges that are typically associated with calls made via the PSTN network.

What voice billing software do I need?

The process of providing and configuring VoIP services for end-user businesses is very similar and usually no more technically challenging than providing data networking services. Billing VoIP services also shares many similarities with the processes of billing Internet and PSTN services. While VoIP calling app-to-app is almost always free, making business calls to landlines and mobile numbers will usually incur charges.

For providers of VoIP services, it’s highly advisable to use a reliable voice billing software to manage the process of calculating charges and invoicing end users. Your billing solution should, ideally, be easy for your staff to understand and use with excellent support and user training resources.

A good choice here is to go with a software solution that offers access through a web browser, meaning that your staff don’t need to download or install the software on their computer before being able to access the billing platform.

Choose an award-winning VoIP billing provider

The process of VoIP billing can be streamlined by using a cutting-edge billing platform solution such as our aBILLity platform. Using aBILLity makes billing for VoIP calls easy because many of the repetitive and time-consuming processes involved with processing VoIP call data records (CDRs) are automated by the platform.

Choosing aBILLity billing software to manage your VoIP services is a sensible way to go because the software solution also includes a complete suite of tools for service provisioning, revenue assurance, margin analysis, reporting and management of customers and their services.

Openreach plans to switch off its ISDN and PSTN service networks in 2025 and, after 2020, will no longer offer businesses the option of acquiring new ISDN and PSTN lines. This move, to all intents and purposes, will end the use of analogue technology-based communications in the UK and all existing PSTN telephony services will need to migrate to VoIP.

This presents a huge opportunity for the channel. Choosing a billing solution such as aBILLity, ensures that you can manage your VoIP services simply, efficiently and in a way that is highly scalable as your customer base grows.

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