Vulnerable Customer Assistance

While there are a huge variety of different vulnerabilities customers may experience which act to make their lives a little bit more difficult, Union Street endeavours to accommodate customers where it is reasonably able to do so. In order to help you use our services, in a way that is comfortable for you to do so, you can contact our Vulnerability Champion and their team and let them know what your needs are on the link at the bottom of this page. Union Street will normally reply to enquires by the same method you have contacted us by, unless there is something urgent like a security concern, we need to talk to you about.

Typical things we might be able to assist you with are:

How we respond to your enquiries

You can specify a particular method of response such only by phone, email, or mail. Some people are simply more comfortable with a particular method of communication. You do not need to provide a reason why you do not want phone contact, for instance, we just need to understand how you need us to respond to you.

How much detail we provide you with on a call

You might be more comfortable going through your enquiry in more detail so you are at ease with what is happening, as not knowing even small details may add to your stress. If this is the case let us know and we can take more time to give you more details on how your enquiry will be addressed.

Sending additional information after a call

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember what has been discussed and so it can be challenging to remember it all later. While there will be a description on what has been agreed in the ticket for your enquiry, some people like a little more detail, to remind them what was discussed. With this in mind, we can make more detailed notes in the ticket for you which will be included in the summary email you receive. Should you want to let us know about how we might help you with any of the above situations or a different one, please select the link below and provide details of how you think we might be able to help you. Please note there is absolutely no need to provide any medical details about yourself, that is personal information about you, we are unlikely to need to assist you.


Contact our Vulnerability Champion


Your privacy

Union Street collects and acts as the data controller for information submitted by you through this website. It will be shared with appropriate Union Street staff and used to assist in the way we deal with your enquires. If you provide medical data it will not be recorded outside of your submitted request as it is not necessary to process it to provide assistance to you. Only details of your servicing requirements will be maintained. Should you object to how this data is processed, you maintain the right to object to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).