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What trends are impacting billing and monetisation software?

18th February 2022  by Gareth Pritchard

Telecoms is a changing marketplace, and over the next four years, we will see the closedown of the PSTN network, increase of services such as FTTC and FTTP and VOIP / UC solutions to replace other forms of communications.

Mobile network offerings are also evolving, and roaming regulations are changing.  A reseller’s billing system must be able to keep up with all these changes in order to fully capitalise on emerging opportunities and bill new services.

A good billing provider will be ahead of the curve, offering solutions and support that will help guide resellers through these changes in ways that maximise productivity and profitability.

Trends in Customer Service

There are several key customer service trends that Union Street are seeing play a big role in shaping what our partners need from us and how they want to use our software.

The consumerisation of B2B customer service means that end customers are demanding more from their reseller.

They want quicker turnarounds, they want more ways of communicating, and they want to be able to do more for themselves.

This is helpful to the reseller because, if done right, they can increase their net promoter scores (NPS) and drive customer loyalty whilst also reducing their overall cost of service.

The last 18 months have seen a huge push towards digital channels of communication.

Online connectivity is better than ever before, and 50 percent of the web traffic worldwide now comes from a mobile device.  The way we work has changed drastically and resellers need to be able to respond to that in the way they service their customers.

Portals and Apps

This is where end user portals and apps can be extremely beneficial for our resellers.  Resellers can give their end users access to billing information on the go.  They can allow them to self-serve and place orders themselves and they can proactively service those customers via those digital channels of communication.

We have also observed demand from some quarters for more flexibility when it comes to managing cycles.

We have built flexibility into our products so that our partners have the option to conduct multiple monthly billing cycles, or mid-month ad hoc bill runs if they choose to do so.

We find though, that the traditional monthly billing cycle is still the preferred method for most of our resellers.

The Beauty of Simplicity

Our resellers are generally looking for ways to simplify their processes, not make them more complex and difficult to manage.

When it comes to billing, they want to keep things as structured as possible so that it’s an assured repeatable process their billing team can follow each month.

Our consultancy teams are frequently involved in projects to assist our reseller customers with tidying up their billing data, simplifying the way they work and standardising their billing operations.

Many of our resellers are growing quickly through acquisition and they look to us to support them in bringing those bases into their way of billing, aligning everything, and making it easier to manage larger data sets.

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