What’s New? aBILLity Version 2.3.0


Version 2.3.0

Standard CDR Format

Union Street Technologies, the leading supplier of comms billing solutions, now fully supports the UK’s first standardised format for Call Data Records (CDRs). Existing users of the multi-award winning aBILLity billing platform, will be able to import the UK Standard CDRs provided the new data loader has been installed on their billing platform. The UK Standard CDR format, launched in January 2013, was developed cooperatively by Union Street and other billing system providers under the leadership of the Federation of Communication Services (FCS). see FCS .

For our customers this means that files supplied from their carriers can be seamlessly imported into aBILLity without the need for bespoke loaders, or other modifications.

Version 2.3 aBILLity is as standard able to export wholesale CDRs in this new format and Union Street is encouraging its customers that supply wholesale services to adopt the new standard.

There are a number of simple configuration options needed to be able to export call data using this standardised format. Easily configured, StandardCDR call exports can be separated across calltype or contained in a single file.


Export options can also be set at the account level.


Carriers are configured to recognise an incoming file by the Reseller ID (RID), a list of which are pre-programmed into the software, making this feature ready for you to use with a minimal amount of initial setup.


Openreach Fault and Order Tracker

The Openreach Fault and Order Tracker is now embeded within aBILLity and can be launched by a single-click from within Service Desk or Provisioning Manager:

“Our free Order and Fault Tracker tools provide you with the ability to view information about your orders and faults in real time without the need to call the Openreach Service Management Centre (SMC)

“This service is available to track all open orders/faults, any orders/faults closed within the previous 14 days, any orders tagged by Openreach for archive, and all LLU and WLR3 orders/faults entered via the Equivalence Management Programme.”

Source: Openreach.co.uk

Launch the OR Tracker from the orders section and your default web-browser will then load the information returned from Openreach:

Acknowledged 29/04/2013 14:42:50
Committed 29/04/2013 14:46:45
Completed 29/04/2013 14:50:45
Last Update 29/04/2013 14:50:47
Order Status Completed
Buyers Order Reference 998775662
Sellers Order Reference 5-5-9876543210
Issued 29/04/2013 14:40:09
DUNS 989989989
Seller Item Identifier WLR3 PSTN Single Line
Installation DN 02086149091
Note (0) 02,USTE01NWS,US TECH Network Services ,COM
Note Type (0) Job Detail Activities
Note (1) 03,US1PR18SBA,US TECH Billing ,COM
Note Type (1) Job Detail Activities

A single-click from within the Service Desk will likewise launch the web-browser containing the relevant information from Openreach:


Report Reference 0273128671
Openreach Reference 5-5-1234567890
DUNS Reference 989989989
Short Description 02086149091 – line fault reported
Service Type WLR3 PSTN Single Line
Service ID 02086149091
Installation DN 02086149091
Service Level 2
Fault Code NDT
Line Test Results **Line Stability:**Network Stability:**Test Outcome:Fail**MFL:CE**Term Statement:**Fault Statement:**Line Signature:**Distance to Fault:**Cable length:**Test Start Time:**Test Stop Time:
Engineer Assigned N
Note (1) 2013-04-30 08:39:53 : **RAstart Customer R A-RA **RAend C LEAR /PROVISION CODE:81.4r CWWC and T&D completed with Niel, Eclipse: Yes PQ Test: Yes Notes:EU reporting NDT,diss one leg in PCP,PC100 strip,reterminated,PQ test PASS,LTOK, WLR3/LLU extension: Yes/No LINE COND: OK, PLAFF: TRC: Yes/No VISIT: ** TIME: ****** PLTYPE: **** A1024 NO: **** FR WP: **** FR AD: **** TO WP: **** TO AD: ****
Note Type (1) ENG Notes
Note Date & Time (1) 30/04/2013 07:41:48
Current Status Closed
Sub Status Completed
Clear Code 81.4
Clear Message Connection Point
Estimated Response Time 30/04/2013 22:59:00
Cleared Date 30/04/2013 07:42:04
Closed Date 30/04/2013 08:22:06
Last Update 30/04/2013 08:22:20

Customers wishing to use the Order and Fault Tracker must first register with their Openreach Customer Establishment Team. Click here for more product information (external).

Report Delivery Options

Multi-site companies using email billing now have the option of creating a separate report per site, regardless of billing address. You can also select an option to create these along with a main report containing all sites, or a single report containing all data.


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