What’s New? aBILLity Version 2.4.0


Version 2.4.0

Contract Management Module

Union Street has developed the Contract Management Module primarily with Mobile Billing and Contracts in mind; however its application need not be restricted to Mobile Contracts and Hardware Fund Management. It will assist in the management and billing of any contract types regardless of product or application.


The ‘contract’ entity is a convenient way to manage all the pricing elements that make up a contract in one place i.e. CLIs, Service Charges, hardware, tariffs, associated bundles, free minutes, connection bonuses, hardware/ technology funds. The contract also helps CPs manage different contract periods, renewals, and early termination fees. With this in mind we have created the Contract Management Module.



Many wholesale mobile providers offer connection bonuses when you purchase mobile services. You may wish to offer a connection bonus to your customers in a similar way



aBILLity allows you to store a price list of hardware components (typically phones/devices) that can be allocated to a customer contract, when such items are sold to the customer. It is possible that you will use multiple suppliers for hardware to ensure you have the best price and stock availability.


The technology (or hardware) fund is a new concept in aBILLity 2.4. In many cases, a reseller will offer a notional monetary bonus per new connection that a customer purchases. These bonuses form an accrued ‘Tech Fund’ pot which the customer can use to purchase hardware or offset the cost of services.


Service charges can be configured to offer a tech fund contribution and when these charges are added to a customer contract, the appropriate Tech Fund value will be accrued.

This new functionality is available subject to the CP receiving the appropriate training. To arrange this, or for further information, please contact your Union Street account manager.

Free Minutes Calculation

PLEASE NOTE: To optimise the efficiency of the rating invoicing process, the free minutes calculation has been incorporated into the CDR import process and entirely removed from the invoice calculation module. User intervention is no longer required, simply import your CDR files as you normally would and any qualifying items will automatically be allocated their free minutes.


Free Minute Units / Use Call Dates

Two new columns appear in free minute plans for this release:

Unit – This allows you to specify what size units to use, for example, if set to 1 on a free minutes plan then a 61 second call would use two minutes of the free minute allowance.
Use Call Dates – Depending on your preference, free minutes can be deducted from the billing period which matches the call date, regardless of the billing period into which the call was imported.


Bill Now

The Bill Now feature allows you to bill service charges in the interim period between bill runs, so there is no need to hold up the revenue stream for charges added after the most recent invoice has been raised.


Any charge marked as ‘Bill Now’ in the service charges screen will appear on the ‘Bill Now’ bill run the next time proforma invoices are calculated.


Inbound Threshold

An inbound threshold can be set, either by a package or at site level, which will withhold revenue payments on inbound calls if the call does not exceed the specified minimum duration.


Individual CLIs can be excluded from the minimum threshold.


Webabillity Pro Login Restrictions

When creating new user accounts for webaBILLityPro, you can now restrict that user to site, cost centre or user, so that only the CLIs relating to the restricted entity are visible to the user of that login.


Internal Audit Export

For internal auditing purposes, 2.4 offers the possibility of generating export files containing all, or a selection of, the service charges and call records for invoices dispatched in a particular billing period. Multiple file formats are available for either export type.


At the push of a button, these files can then be generated and desposited to a pre-specified network folder.


Technology Type on WLR3 Address Lookup

You can now see the technology type returned on address lookup results – ‘C’ for copper and ‘F’ for fibre.


This information is also displayed on the line plant information screen and on WLR3 Line Details query results.


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