What’s New? aBILLity Version 2.5.0


Version 2.5.0

Sage Multi-Company Compatibility

The Sage integration module now allows for the configuration of multiple Sage databases, facilitating seamlessly the maintenance of account information, posting of invoices and payments/rejections, even if your account information is stored across more than one Sage database.



With Sage multi-company setup, all existing screens with Sage integration functionality will have the multi-company capability.


Sage Remoting

With Sage Remoting, there is no longer the need to have Sage installed on every client machine. Each worker can instead connect to a centralised instance of Sage (this can also be on a separate LAN). When accessed in this manner, the users will be prevented from disrupting the Sage Integration settings.


If you would like to have the Sage Multi-Company or Sage Remoting features enabled, or for further information, please contact your Union Street Account Manager.

Fraud Detection Module (LineGuard)

An overhaul has been given to the Fraud Detection Module, to give it a more user-friendly interface that does away with the need to click through the various sections to configure your plans. Two new fraud types have also been added.

CLI Daily Spend is similar to Call Cost, but accumulates the total cost of calls in a particular day rather than per individual call.


Calls to Blacklist will detect any call made to a number that features in the Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum (TUFF) list of known fraudulent numbers. The list is automatically kept up-to-date via the Union Street Licensing Client. Alternatively (or additionally), you can choose to use a custom list to which you can add your own numbers.

Any WLR3 actions configured to take place in the event of fraudulent activity can now be applied per CLI, instead of across all CLIs per site.

Loss-Making Calls

This new feature of the Revenue Assurance module will display the uppermost 10 categories of loss-making calls per billing period.


Carrier Buy Rates

This new screen within the Tariff Manager enables you to make a comparison of all the available buy rates across all carriers in your system, as well as highlighting the most expensive rate per destination.


Service Charge Price Bands

All service charge types can now be banded. This will determine how much the product is charged, depending on the quantity.


The customers’ service charges will then automatically align themselves to the correct band according to the quantity of the line added.


Service Desk Incident Pop-up

Important information can be displayed via a pop-up window whenever an incident is logged.


The message can be tailored per customer and will be launched as part of the New Incident Wizard.


What’s New in webaBILLity Pro?

User Alerts/Global Alerts (eAlerts)

The traditional eAlerts module has been renamed and can now be found under ‘Manage Global Alerts’. A new section has also been added – ‘User Alerts’.


With User Alerts your customers can have a real-time overview of their call data, set limits which can incorporate several variables (across the account or for individual CLIs) and see, at a glance, when those limits have been breached. They can filter results by any variable and download data-sets in .CSV format which span the entire account, or drill-down and do the same per CLI.


In addition, there are two main sections (Alerts by Month & Alerts by Call), which allow these limits to be grouped per CLI (or the account overall), or on a per call basis.


Login Restrictions

New login levels have been introduced to webaBILLityPro. These can be defined so that a User, or Cost Centre login will only grant access to the data associated with the CLIs of the respective User, or Cost Centre. Site logins will restrict the view to the selected site.


The restrictions will reflect what that user can see within webaBILLityPro in terms of menu items, as well as the customer data itself.


Daily Billing Periods

Data from Daily Billing Periods now appear in webaBILLityPro.


Rate Card

Using the new Rate Card option, your customers can now view the rates they are charged for each destination, pulled directly from the aBILLity tariff for that account.


The entire Rate Card, or selected search results, can also be exported to .csv


aBILLity 2.5.0 is compatible with SQL 2012.

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