What’s New? aBILLity Version 2.6.0


Version 2.6.0

Credit Checker

Using your account credentials supplied by Creditsafe, aBILLity now has the capability to perform credit checks when adding a new customer, as well as on existing customers. You can perform searches on company name, company number, or post code.


Our new traffic-light display provides a clear overview of the current credit status of your customer base in Contact Manager.


In addition, credit reports are obtainable and you can “monitor” your customers, so that any changes to the credit status of selected customers will be periodically reported to you by the credit agency themselves.


Credit checker also ties-in with our credit control module, where the credit information is displayed along with the ability to access the credit reports.



WLR3 orders and faults can now be issued from a secondary Openreach account by adding the account credentials in Agent Information. Any customers associated with the agent will have their line provisioned and faults reported through their agent’s respective Openreach account.


Duplicate Checking by Extended Period

If you wish to check for duplicate call records from the previous, as well as current, period, you can select the “By extended period” option in the import manager wizard. In this case, duplicate calls will be flagged up from both the current, and the preceding period.


This method of checking for duplicates in the previous month has also been added to the Tools Duplicate check wizard.


Auto-Export Daily CDRs

Resellers can use this new CDR export feature to schedule a Daily CDR export.


The CDR files are exported to the directory specified and in the format selected through the Invoicing Information screen.


This feature is available for customers using the Auto Download/Import feature. Please contact our support team if you would like to implement this, or for further information.

Agent/Account Manager Commission at Service Charge Level

Commission plans associated at service-charge level give even more scope for the pay-out of commissions, in addition to those which can already be applied at either the site or CLI level.


Billing Information History

The new History feature from the Billing Information screen allows an overview of changes made within that screen, and includes information such as User Name, Change Time, as well as showing the previous values (if any) of a particular field.


Extra Fraud Emails

When CLI Daily Spend is detected in 2.6, the alert e-mails can be sent out to associated client-contacts – Client Billing Contact, Account Manager and Agent, in addition to the e-mail address specified on the fraud screen.



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